The Beer Engine

Temporary home page

The Beerengine is on the way back. There are currently lots of little jobs to do and until I'm happy that the site is working well anonymous contributions are not possible.

What's in this site

The beer engine currently has entries for 518 bars, 125 beershops, 1494 brewers and 7328 beers.

Only bars and beershops of interest to serious beer drinkers are listed in this site. All brewers and beers are welcome.

Currently entries can only be added or edited if you are logged in.

Map Browser

This page has a large map which you can move and zoom to the area you're interested in. The right side of the page lists all the Beerengine entries in the visible part of the map. When there are too many entries to display at once the information will be arranged into clusters, first by town, then by province and finally by country.


Starting with a list of Countries this page allows you to 'drill down' into the information in two different ways. Clicking on place names will move on to the next level geographically. Clicking on the numbers will list those entries. For example if you want to see all the brewers in the Italian province of Lombardia click on 'Italy' to see a list of Italian provinces then click the number in the 'Brewers' column on the 'Lombardia' row.


Live search

Search the site simply and rapidly. As you type you will see a list of entries whose name contains the text you've typed. If you're not sure of spellings you can type just the bit you know.


All beer related events from local tastings to international festivals are welcome here. Events are listed around a location so you will not see local events in far distant cities.

Beerengine mobile

This site is designed to work well on desktop and laptop computers. For mobile devices there's a separate site optimised for small display sizes and working with your location.

At this moment the mobile site is getting less attention than this one so although it's useful bear in mind it's still work in progress.